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Please contact me for commercial use.



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How to commission and detail descriptions.

If you have any question, you can contact me in CONTACT menu or chat box.

How to Commission?

  1. Check Conditions of my Commission.

  2. Fill out the Commission Form. There's link on top of this page.

  3. After I check your order, I will reply to your contact you provide including Paypal invoice. After that, I will update Trello page so you can track your order.

  4. When payment is confirmed, I will start to work on your commission.

  5. There are 2 confirmation times to confirm the work. After double confirming, I will finish your commission.

  6. After Finish the work, I will deliver the .PNG file to your contact you provide.

Work Progress

  1. Payment confirm

  2. Rough Sketch (1st Confirm)

  3. Detail Sketch

  4. Base Coloring (2nd Confirm)

  5. Coloring and Wrapping up

  6. Final Confirm

Default deadline is up to a month after payment confirmed.

If there is anything special, i will inform you in advance. 

From the trello page I will update all work progress and you can see in realtime.

I will try to reflect as much as you want,

but i will notice you about it in advance if i'm not sure about the field or subject.

Default Options

  • Size : A4 Vertical (2480*3508 px, 300 dpi, RGB)

  • Background : Harmonized single-color or non-background.

  • Full Colored

  • Delivered by .PNG File

Default size is A4 Vertical but if you want to I can change it.

The background requires an additional fee.

Types and Styles

There are 4 types of crop, and 3 styles of drawing.

  • Head

Head with shoulder.

  • Torso

From head to chest

  • Half Body

From head to pelvis

  • Full Body

From head to toe

  • Coloring

Full color or Gray-scale

Style A is a SD character. (Chibi)

Cute and casual style.

Style A has only

Head / Full-body type.

Style B is sketch-like.

It has rough sketch

and little coloring or shading.

Stlye B only have 1st confirm.

Style C is detailed version.

Detailed sketch,

full coloring and full shading.

Click the button to see more samples and descriptions.

What I do and don't? (커미션 거부 사항이 있나요?)

I Do not draws - Too much Gore - Too complicated to understand what it looks like - Too much sexual Exept these I'm trying to draw everything. ---- - 과도한 고어물 - 과도하게 복잡해서 어떻게 생겼는지 알 수 없는 경우 - 과도한 성묘사 이를 제외하고는 모두 그리려고 노력하고 있습니다.

About Refund (환불)

If the work is in progress, Refund rate will vary depending on the work progress. Nothing proceeded : 100% Refund 1st confirmation step : 70% Refund 2nd confirmation step : 40% Refund Full refund if the deadline is not met without prior consultation (more than 4 weeks from the payment date - Commission will be cancled), and if delayed because of my personal issue I will refund 10% per delayed day. (Liquidated Damage for Delay - Commission will be delivered) After 2nd confirm, there is no refund. --- 환불은 작업 진행도에 따라 다르며 1차컨펌 시-70%, 2차컨펌 시-40% 환불해드립니다.
사전 협의 없이 마감일을 지키지 못할 경우엔 전액 환불 (결제일로부터 4주 초과-커미션은 취소),
작가의 개인사정에 의해 딜레이될 경우 초과 1일당 5%씩 환불해드립니다. (커미션은 전달됩니다.) 그 외의 경우엔 2차컨펌 이후 환불은 불가능합니다.

About Revisions (수정)

Free Fix and Retouch can be up to 2 times (sum of 1st, 2nd confirmation). Extra Retouch requires an additional fee. After 2nd confirmation, major retouch will be not possible. EX) change pose, etc. ---
무료 수정은 최대 2회까지 가능하며 (1,2차 컨펌 합산), 추가 수정은 추가 요금을 받습니다.
2차 컨펌 이후 큰 수정은 불가능합니다. ex) 구도변경

Others (기타사항)

Copyright remains with me and all works are not commercially available unless otherwise agreed. I will upload finished piece in portfolio and other website. If you don’t want to be open to public yours, please let me know. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can contact me with Chat or E-mail : --- 특별히 합의하지 않는 이상 상업적 이용이 불가능하며 저작권은 모두 작가에게 있습니다. 작업물은 포트폴리오나 작가의 다른 사이트에 업로드될 수 있습니다. 혹시 작업물이 공개되길 원치 않으시면 미리 알려주세요. 기타 요구사항 혹은 문의사항이 있으시면 E-mail이나 라이브챗으로 연락주세요.

Price Sheet

Style A





$ 25



$ 15



$ 10



$ 20

Style B





$ 40

$ 25

$ 15

$ 10



$ 5

$ 10

$ 15

$ 30

Style C





$ 80

$ 55

$ 35

$ 25



$ 15

$ 25

$ 45

$ 65

  • Some complex structures or outfits may cause adding extra money.

       In that case, I will discuss about it in advance.

  • Adding more characters in 1 painting will cause additional fee by each. 

       Default price is same as the price sheet.

  • The background requires an additional fee. Default is single-color or non-background.

  • Every style can be point color. It takes Gray-scale price.

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